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International Scientific Opening Symposium of the Danish Centre for Particle Therapy (DCPT)

Tuesday May 21, 2019 - Auditorium A, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

Auditorium A, Aarhus University Hospital. Entrance G206 Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 97

Registration is free, on first come-first serve basis. Please register by May 7th 2019 using this online form.

Download programme in pdf format.


08:00 Check-in and coffee.


Session 1: Welcome and introduction to DCPT

Moderator: Dorte O. Mortensen

08:30 Welcome by Claus Thomsen AUH and Jørgen Frøkiær AU

08:40 Ole Nørrevang, DK: Commissioning and first patient

08:50 Dorte O. Mortensen, DK: Facility, patient flow and -involvement

09:00 Morten Høyer, DK: Staff training and national clinical collaboration

09:10 Cai Grau, DK: Clinical research collaboration


Session 2: Particle therapy in the contemporary translational cancer research landscape

Moderator: Jens Overgaard

09:20 Robert Bristow, UK: Translational research in proton therapy-time to up our game!

09:50 Brita Singers Sørensen, DK: Experimental RBE studies at DCPT

10:00 Per Rugaard Poulsen: FLASH proton therapy studies


10:10 Coffee break – refreshments


Session 3: Dose planning and quality assurance in proton therapy

Moderator: Ole Nørrevang

10:40 Lei Dong, US: Knowledge based planning and robustness optimization

11:10 Marco Schwarz, IT: New developments in proton treatment planning - A wish list

11:40 Anne Vestergaard, DK: Presentation and validation of dose plan class solutions for brain tumors

11.50 Maria Fuglsang Jensen, DK: Benefits and barriers in implementation of Monte Carlo based treatment planning (AcurosPT)


Session 4: Proton therapy in brain tumors

Moderator Morten Høyer

12:00 Daniel Indelicato, US: Protons for pediatric brain tumors

12:30 Lene Haldbo-Classen, DK: Neurocognitive testing of patients treated for brain tumors

12.40 Anne W Kristensen, DK: Patient involvement at DCPT                                              


12:50 Lunch

Session 5: Proton therapy to reduce radiation-related toxicity in the future

Moderator: Cai Grau

13:40 Hans Langendijk, NL: Selection of patients for proton therapy – the Dutch principles and experience. 

14:10 Jeppe Friborg, DK: The DAHANCA 35 trial of protons vs. photons in head and neck cancer

14:20 Birgitte Offersen, DK: DBCG plans for trials with protons in breast cancer

14.30 Marianne Nordsmark og Ditte Møller, DK: Proton therapy in esophageal cancer 

14:40 Closing remarks. Instructions for the tour of DCPT.


14:45 Coffee


15:00 Walk from Auditorium A to DCPT - Entrance B3

15:15 Visit and guided tour of DCPT and Radiotherapy Learning Centre

17:00 Snacks, beers and wine, DCPT Level 4


18:15 Farewell