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Social programme

Wednesday May 22nd: Welcome reception 

Marselisborg Royal Garden

After the reception at Hotel Marselis, participants will also have the option of a guided tour of the Memorial Park and Marselisborg Royal Gardens (open untill 21:00) or free access to the modern art museum AROS, with the spectacular Your Rainbow Panorama (open untill 22:00).


Thursday May 23rd: The BiGART early morning 5 km run

All participants are invited for a nice 5 km guided run in the forests around Marselisborg. Departure 6:45 outside hotel entrance.


Thursday May 23rd: Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held Thursday May 23rd at the Varna Mansion, beautifully situated in the Marselis Forest close to the conference hotel, and overlooking the bay of Aarhus. The patron of the mansion is the Danish gourmet chef Palle Enevoldsen.